60+ Pubg quotes, status and whatsApp DP

Pubg status, and pubg quotes for WhatsApp dp - so in this article you are to get a lot of pubg status and WhatsApp dp along with quotes.

60+ Pubg quotes, status and whatsApp DP
60+ Pubg quotes, status and whatsApp DP

Pubg nowadays has become one of the interesting games around the world, mainly in some countries like India, it's craze has gone over sky.

But wait!

Is it better to keep playing whole the day and having nothing related to it, in order to show people that you are a pubg player?

Everyone now has been using WhatsApp and it's a good chance for us to show off our status as a pubg player, so here in this article I'm going to provide you the Pubg WhatsApp status and quotes that may better help you for suing as WhatsApp status or dp.

Pubg is one of the game that has become so popular that people even left many bad habits too due to the influence of this game in their daily life.

And for all the Pubg players I collected many quotes to let them use for whatsApp dp and status or even sharing with others.

So I hope you'll like this article as I'm sharing many interesting quotes you you will definitely like! I said definitely!

Don't skip!

Keep reading this article and you will get many pubg quotes for status here in this article.

Pubg WhatsApp status, dp, and quotes in English;

Below I have saved some interesting pubg quotes that you like to use for your WhatsApp DP.

All these words are mention in English because there are many people who is still search for English quotes but result don't satisfied them.

I also had a search for English quotes related to pubg and what I found is that people are sharing Hindi quotes while using the English letters and naming it as English quotes! 

This was like horrible means you just imagine if your search for the term and you got the result is similar to me what would have you felt at the moment please share in the comment section.

But unlike others I won't provide this  to  
Confusion to all those looking for pubg quotes in English.

 so below I have shared some pubg quotes in English although they are not much in quantity but I assure you will definitely like it, but don't forget to have a look at the quotes mention in Hindi because they are much more interesting according to my choice.

“We are not the players of a game where people are killed from behind. We give enemies the chance to attack, and make them feel, they can't.”

“Not everyone is a player, not everyone is a gamer, it's not because they don't like, but they are unlucky.”

“Pubg teaches a good lesson to learn it; when you are alive, everyone is with you but after you die, all will start owning your property.”

“It's better to play pubg instead of ruining someone's life.”

“Who says pubg destroys life? Sometimes try the understand how better are people living, after being broken by someone.”

“We don't like breaking hearts, they are kids who do. We prefer destroying the attitude by breaking the level 3 helmet.”
Pubg images for whatsapp
Pubg images for whatsapp 

“Keep calm and search for 8×.”

“No! I'm not a gamer, I only know how to play with the right things.”

“Believe you are a winner and have the chicken dinner.”

“I was unknown before you can in my life, thanks for being mine, supporting me, my dear pubg.”

“It' easy enough to lie with a girl and make a fake relationship, but hard enough to kill a pro in pubg.”

“Happiness for others, maybe talking or dating with girls, but my face smiles automatically when there's a sniper lying behind, just when I lend.”

“You may want lots of sources to be happy, you may want a girl, you may want lots of wealth and prosperity, but I only need a chicken dinner.”

“The real players are those who never search for things and arrive at the battlefield with whatever is available.”

“Leaving Pubg for me is nothing more than returning from heaven to hell again.”

“I can't make everyone happy, I can't share the fake love to make someone smile, but of course! I'm a Pubg player and have the capability to revive someone when their in the bad situation, I would risk my life but never refuse to help others.”

“Let the world grow, it's ok, I would still hold the battleground tight because people still deserve many headshots.”

“No! I can't live Pubg. But it's not an addiction, but a choice to live more peacefully.”

“She played with my emotion, I better preferred playing pubg.”

“They laughed at me, as a Pubg player, I laughed at them because they were noobs.”

“Even the boots can damage, but the real players are one who wipes the squads without knowing down any.”
Pubg quotes and status
Pubg quotes and status 

“It's not Pubg, it's my life.”

“Increase kd, not a relationship.”

“Make the enemies confuse whether to fight or die.”

“Never hurt the person already broken by the world, provide them the opportunity to revenge back in the battleground.”

“Success depends on what you do and how much, you ‘Kd’ depends on what you do while the teammates are knocked.”

“Life is just like the Pubg, it will know you many times, but your livers will always be there to revive you.”

Pubg status, quotes in Hindi for WhatsApp DP;

These are the quotes that have been written in Hindi since it makes great sense when written in Hindi so I preferred Hindi too.

And many of the people may not under the above mentioned quotes so not to worry, I have shared things even for you!

Don't skip this please, have a look at all the quotes shared in this section and you'll like them all.

it's too much time to collect this quotes because it's not it is it to find it so please have a look at all the mentioned below.

In that way I will be very happy because you all are enjoying the quotes that I have shared

“Ye Sona baby janu ham Pubg walo se na ho payega, ye sona babu janu ham Pubg walo se na ho payega, kyenki hame pata ha unka Messages hamare game ke beech me ayega.”

“Tu khoobsurat hogi, bhad me ja, ham Pubg wale risk v wahi lete Hain Jaha jarurat padne par revive mil jaye.”

“Hame nahi banna kisi ladki ke Dil ka winner, hame to bas karna ha, winner winner chicken dinner.”

“Dillo ko todna hamara pkitrat nahi, wo shauk ham level 3 ke helmet ke sath pura Kar let hain.”

“Hamein to Pubg ne loota, inn bewafawo main kaha dam tha, haamein to Pubg me loota inn bewafawo main kaha dam tha, pada mujhe headshot jab zone mere upar oor health ham tha.”
Pubg Hindi status, images and whatsApp DP
Pubg Hindi status, images and whatsApp DP 

“Noob wo nahi Jo bar bar Marta ha, noob wo ha, Jo Marne see darta ha.”

“Kush to ham v rehlenge, duniya ki jarurat nahi, pyar to khud see karlenge, kisi ki yad aye to bas, Pubg khel lenge.”

“Sun, ye three magical word, ye pyar ki baatein kisi aur se pagli, ye three magical word ye pyar ki baatein kisi aur se pagli, ham nakhrein nahi jhelte Pubg ke diwane Hain, Pubg khelte Hain.”

“Atni attitude kyun pagli, jis power ke dam par tu itni uddti ha, us powder ko phone pe laga ke pubg khelte hain ham.”

“Wakt, wakt ki baat ha, aj appka ha to ud lijiye, Kal hamara hoga tu sidha uda denge.”

“Aj bat Karne ki bahut man thi uss see, to phone uthaya or pubg khel ke rakh diya.”

“Hame to pubg ne barbaad kiya in ladkiyo main kaha dam tha, ham v ek see ek badhkar ladki pata sakte thein, par PUBG ne wakt hi bohot Kam tha.”

“Are janab, duniya me koi kisi ka khas nahi hota, log tavi yad karte Hain, jab time pass nahi hota.”

“Pyar mohabat sab dhokebazi ha, pyar mohabat sab dhokebazi ha, apni dindagi ko swarg banani ha to Pubg hi kafi ha.”

“Aise morr pe khara ku, pear kapkappa Rahi ha, agge kua or piche khai ha, par Marne ki dar nahi ha mujhe, kyunki bachane wale kamine dost mere Bhai hain.”

“Isshq main mujhe lagta ha ki shayad itni to siddhat chahiye, isshq me mujhe lagta ha ki itni to siddhat chahiye, Pubg khelte samay Maine teri call utha li, ab iss bande see tujhe aor kitni mohabat chahiye?”

“Log kehte Hain ki ye Teri aakhen kyu naam hain? Log kehte Hain, ye Teri aankhein kyu naam Hain? Ab unko Kon samjhay ki ye raat var Pubg khelne ka Gam ha!”

“Hamein to Pubg ne barbaad kiya tiktok me kaha dam tha, hame to Pubg ne barbaad kiya tiktok me kaha dam tha, ham v tiktok pe famous ho sakte thein par hamare bap ke jutoo ma Jada dam tha.”

“Acche acche players ka bhad jata ha bp, acche acche players ka bhad jata ha bp jab ham pakad lete Hain hath ma DP.”

“App bando ko knock Karo mehnat app ki Jaye, hadd to tab ho jati, jab koi Orr appki kill churaye.”

“hame to heakerss ne maara bando mai kaha dam tha, haamein to heakerss ne maara bando Mai kaha dam tha, dp thi mere pass par Sala 7 ki ammo Kam tha.”

Friendship Pubg status and quotes;

“Pokhinki see mylta wo rivive dene dodda Chala ata ha, maar maar keh ke wo tumko v marwata ha, jab mar jao to haas has ke pagal ho jata ha, wo Pubg wala dost kitna pyar jatata ha! 

“Ham us bande ki tarif is liye nahi karte ha kyunki wo achaa khelta ha, bas jab v jarurat ho, revive Karne ke liya asman se tapak padta ha, hamara......chuttiiya dost.”

“Lipovka lipovka keh Kar wo pockinki lend karata ha, tum Mar jao, to glicth keh kar appne hath me nade phod jata ha, wo Pubg Wala dost kitna pyar jatata ha.”

“AwM or groza ha uska favourite combination, Lipovka wo jata nahi, Georgo ha uska destination, Bina bataye Jo tumje dusro see bachata ha, wo Pubg Wala dost kitna appnapan jatata ha.”

“Wo bot player tha Pubg ka, or ham thehrein pochinki ke nawab ,use sath khel ke reh Gaya adhuraa mera chicken dinner ka khoabb.”

Pubg motivation WhatsApp status and quotes; 

“Pubg se ek  baat to jarur sikha hamne, dindagi ma hamesa ek dost ka jarurat ha, revive dene ke liye.”

“Time pass hi karna tha, to Pubg khel lete dillo see khelne ki Kya jarurat thi.”

“Kisi see pyar Karne see acha ha janab Pubg khel lo, yaha josh or junoon dono dugnaa ha.”

“Arre wo to Pubg ha Jo tute Dil walo ko fanna de di, warna duniya to unki lene ki Kab se taiyaar ha.” 

“Wo Kabhi v time noob hi Mehta ha, tum chicken dinnner lelo tab v tumhara insult hi karwata ha, wo pubg wall dost Kitna appnapan jatata ha.”

“Waise to hame Bhai kehne ha hak dosto to de rakha ha, warna log to aj v hame baap ke naam se jaante Hain.”

“Never mind your friend who shout at you when you did a mistake, in this situation he often may quit the game, but will call you again when he comes online. He is your real Pubg Wala dost.”

“Life me do cheez ko hamne bohot zada seeious le, pehla to hamare Pubg, or dusra wo dost jinke sath hamara pura din bitt jata ha Pubg ma.”

Pubg video status;

Now where I won't be sharing a lot of videos, but you will find some interesting pubg video status to use for your WhatsApp.


So these were the complete collection of Pubg quotes and status along with WhatsApp DP.

I hope you would have liked the collection of the quotes that I have shared in this article.

As I collected these quotes with the best choice of mine, make sure to comment below and share your opinion about the collection, as how they were to you and did you liked them?

Keep playing Pubg and have checked dinner, make sure to have a fair play and keep things under control.

And use these quotes day by day, bookmark this article so that you can visit it daily and make use of all the quotes.

Thank you for visiting it and reading this article.

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